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Carshalton Baptist Church Sponsored Slim
About this Sponsored Slim
Lynn Carpenter is the assistant pastor of Carshalton Baptist Church. She is conducting a Sponsored Slim to raise funds for Sutton Night Watch (a charity that supports homeless people in Sutton (a borough of Croydon) and LifeLink (to raise funds for widows and orphans in Rwanda).
SPONSOR TARGET: Sponsor her as she seeks to achieve the target of losing 4 stones by 31st May 2021. You can support her by donating any amount toward her achieving this goal.
Lynn Carpenter
Sponsor Finish Date: 31st May 2021
How to sponsor Lynn:
Feel free to sponsor her right here. Just select the charity you wish your donation to go to.
LifeLink Donations
Sutton Night Watch
Donations to Love in Action
Support Love in Action Projects:
- Local Homeless and Community Support
- International Outreach Support Projects
- Well-being and Mental Health Programs 
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