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Carshalton Baptist Church Testimonies and Baptisms


Get to know us - Hear our Testimonials

Stories from the heart of people from Carshalton Baptist Church

Video Testimonies

We share our stories and our experiences from our heart to you

How we came to CBC

Akshai & Ildiko: How we came to CBC

Horace: How I came to CBC

Simone: Coming to CBC

Nigel's Testimonial


 Lidia's Baptism 1

Andrea's Baptism

 Lidia's Baptism 2

Pauline's Baptism

Horace's Baptism

Carshalton Baptist Church Testimonies

Audio Testimonies

Audio Stories and Testimonials


3-1-2021 Open door
Audio Testimonial 3
Audio Testimonial 5
Audio Testimonial 2
Audio Testimonial 4
Audio Testimonial 6

Real People - Real Lives - Real Stories

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