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Creating real solutions in a community with real needs

Our Biblical emphasis: Matthew 5:42-44 reminds us to give to the one who asks you and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. Also in Luke 3:11, John answered, Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none and anyone who has food should do the same. Creating real solutions in a community with real needs


CBC runs many charity events and remains in day to day contact with those in desperate need in the church and community. Charity needs a more comprehensive vision that includes not just the council or the government but the Church. Part of CBC charity and well-being strategy is to reach out to people on the street and families in desperate situations without proper food, shelter and clothing. CBC is also involved in overseas charity programs reaching out to various countries such as responding Dominican hurricane and now considering how best to work with other charity organisations to support desperate families in less developed countries


CBC believes that meeting the needs of people in our community is a crucial and essential outreach to people in need. CBC aims makes an effort to serve people from all walks of life by availing resources to satisfy imminent crisis. When 'life happens' CBC serves and loves those in need. We invite you to join with us with your own personal resources and together bring a smile to peoples faces as we support welfare, well-being & Charitable aid to deliver support services

Love in Action engaging with the homeless on the streets
Love in Action engaging with the homeless on the streets



Reaching out to church members in need; to families. people in the community or those on the streets in need of critical support.


- Supporting individual members, families, visitors in desperate situations without proper food, shelter, clothing and other pressing needs.

- Working with the Event management team to raise funds to support CBC WWC projects

- Working in collaboration with local and overseas charities to help those in need; such as making second-hand clothing available to the less privileged.

- Developing policies to support the bereaved, deceased families etc.

Church feeding the homeless