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Carshalton Baptist Church


Revitalising Elderly Living

REfresh bringing a smile to the elderly

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Our REfresh


You don't have

to be alone.

REfresh your life.

REfresh your living.

Reaching Out and Touching Others

Our community at Carshalton Baptist Church (CBC) embraces people from all backgrounds. Our experienced and dedicated members and staff work hard to provide our elderly community with a welcoming and supportive environment, where they are recognised as an individual, with their own personality and wishes.
Our care and support are always delivered with an individual care focus providing necessary signposting to additional services as required.

Our regular social and interactive meeting and event ensure no one is left alone or out of touch, and everyone gets to engage with others in an environment that has enthusiasm and is full of fun and laughter.

Feel free to contact our church for further information about how we can support you.

At CBC, none of our elderly has to be alone.

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