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Cell Groups

Carshalton Baptist Church

Prayer Group

About our Cell Groups

Our cell groups are places where people that are a member of our church of all backgrounds and ethnicity that are committed to Christ, can learn about their faith and how they can impact their community, homes and work-places.

These meeting are friendly, structured and informative, allowing open interaction on biblical and contemporary subjects

We believe every person deserves a chance to connect with others in a personal, life-transforming and spiritually-meaningful way. This is the reason why Cell Groups are so important. They are the nucleus of church life, best because they occur in small interactive group settings.  People in the cell group are constantly seeking an opportunity to enhance real connectivity, relationship and fellowship. Expect great things to happen as you engage with others in the cell groups.


Life is a journey best experienced together.


If you are new to this church or are looking for a community of believers to connect with, be a part of our Carshalton Baptist Church cell group community.

Cell group Focus: Splitting Cell groups into Zones and making it more relevant and applying initiatives to reach out to people in our immediate communities.

- Discuss bible teachings using the solid rock booklet

- Pray for one another and occasionally have a meal together

- Share ideas on how to expand your cell group

- Reaching out and involving new members

- Occasionally organise events such as barbeques and other social events that engage with the local community so they can be introduced to what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

- Making funding available to develop other programmes that promote cell group.

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