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"...Together One..."

Marble table and flowers

Woman's Meetings

A Transforming Message. A Transforming Touch

Accepting our purpose as a woman is part of the realisation of who we are born to be: strong, courageous and resourceful; Knowing our limitation and working best using our talents and abilities.


These transformational meetings help women realise that their purpose and potential is around knowing Jesus Christ through his life-changing message and his life-changing touch

Women2Gether member praying
The smile of Women2Gether Carshalton Baptist Church
Women2Gether laughing together
Women in Carshalton Baptist Church
Women2Gether meetings at their conferences
Women2Gether talking to women

You Can Make 

The Difference

Making a difference means first becoming the unique person you are designed to be. In finding your potential and your purpose you can change your world. You are special, you are different, you are unique. Be the difference your world needs

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Get to Know Jesus for Real
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