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Carshalton Baptist Church Men Together working with IGA Achievers

Men Together

Men Building Friendships and Men Reaching Their Potential

Standing Together - Achieving Together

Men Together stepping beyond the limits

Stepping Beyond The Limits

Stepping into the Future. Walking into Potential and Purpose

Men Together at Carshalton Baptist Church

Friendships that Empower

Motivation that Promotes Success

Carshalton Baptist Church - Men Together promoting fatherhood
To Together and parenting in Carshalton Baptist Church
Men Together promoting  family life
Men Together and work-life balance
Men Together and aging

Role Modelling the Future

Creating Lasting Legacy


Men Together playing together
Men Together praying together
Men Together sharing their life story

Powerful Life Changing Men's Activities & Events

Men Together and friendship


Trust and



Creating real and lasting friendships by promoting

trust and effective relationship building interaction

Identifying and engaging with issues that matter to men. Encouraging men to "Stand Up and Stand Out!" and become all they are designed to be by enhancing their individual talents and abilities


Men's Matters

Men Together sharing inspirational stories

Inspiring and empowering men through sharing their personal experiences, expertise, and know-how

Inspire others by "...Telling Your Story..."

"...Men become greater when men collaborate and work together...!"
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IGA Achievers:

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