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Leader Board

Team: Sapphire

Team: Fast & Furious

Team: Flsdas

Team: Frfesdf

- 26th February 2021 Winner(s): Fast and Furious

26th March 2021 Winner(s): 

- 30th April 2021 Winner(s): 

28th May 2021 Winner(s): 

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Just Men - Programmes Developed By Men, For Men


Creating real and lasting friendships by promoting trust and effective relationship building interaction

Building Trust and Long-lasting Friendships


Engaging Contemporary Men's Matters

Identifying and engaging with issues that matter to men. Encouraging men to "Stand Up and Stand Out!" and become all they are designed to be by enhancing their individual talents and abilities


Inspiring and empowering men through sharing their personal experiences, expertise and know-how

Inspire others by Telling Your Story

Great Men Doing Great Things Collaboratively

Carshalton Baptist Church Ment Together
Carshalton Baptist Church Men Together Praying Together
Carshalton Baptist Church Men sharing their stories
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In association with IGA Achievers:

We Inspire Great and Advancing Achievers
"...Men become greater when men work together collaboratively...!"
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